so it's been raining and even snowed today. am I really in Japan? I doubt it. it's funny I sometimes wonder if I was really in Canada for 11months, I just can't believe it, you know. and of course I can't wait to go back to Whistler and go shred with my buddies!

I'm going to a freeriding event this weekend and it's called Ogino cup. I say this is one of the best freeriding spots in Japan for sure and I'm so stoked. also I'm racing in another event called Freeride games on 27th, there will be lots of riders and it's also a demo event where you can test many bikes out. how sweet is that? too bad there's no Chromag booth but I'll get to know as many people as possible and tell them how awesome Chromag is ;) keep yer finger crossed!

oh yeah I bought a new camera. it has the full HD movie feature and I've already found a place to shoot. I'm just waiting for a good weather. if it's not raining, boom, shred and shoot time! look forward to my new one!!

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