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I went for a 2day trip last weekend and joined a freeriding event. The fireld was... oh man so sweet. You don't often come across something like that even in Canada. definitely the best freeriding spot in Japan for sure! It's kinda like the Boneyard, if you know what I'm talking about. The condition was a little bit muddy and slippery so we started working on the big double jump, nearly 20ft, to make it bigger.

After that, we started racing. It's 40-45sec from top to bottom, not including the big double. I ran 3 laps, 42sec on the 1st, fell on the 2nd and 39sec on the 3rd. I went with 2.5" tires and because of the rolling resistance I couldn't pedal on the last half at all. My bike was the heaviest too. Oh well the winner got 38sec and I was the 3rd place so it wasn't that bad huh?

Then we started hitting the big double. I checked other riders how they killed it, yeah I just hit it without thinking anything. I thought I'd faint on the way up but actually, it's just so fun and smooth! I liked it!

Next day, we went for the DH trail. 1000m/3000ft down!! We could tell there's snow up there at the foot of the mountain and guessed it's not that bad... hiking up on a foot of snow with DH bike is never fun. It was "Friday ride" enough. It took us 30-40min to hike up to get to the trail head. The first part was still lots of snow but ridable and literally shredding. I didn't know any place like this in Japan and what have I done for my entire life? It's always good to know BOTH Japanese and Canadian bike scenes!!

Here's a photo gallery, enjoy!


Daikiさん, one foot invert



Hiro君, boost




on the way home

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