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3 days have passed since arrived here. the weather has been grumpy these days like cloudy and partially raining though it's bright outside.

So yeah, I'm not here for just sight seeing. I need a place to live and also a job.
My plan is living in Whistler till October then come down to Vancouver for the warm weather or staying Whistler whole time and go see some olympic games. Yes, there's gonna be the 2010 winter olmypic games in Whistler. Within 300 days woo!
It's such a ski resort and price there is high, so I thought it'd be hard to find a nice deal for the house, but I've found out that there are roomshare-type apartments and the rents are around $500, which isn't bad at all. So I'll make an appointment with the owneres there and visit them next week.

Since I'm planning to live in Whistler, I'll have to work also in Whistler. I found a bike shop is now looking for a sales person, so I sent an email to them to ask about the job. Hope it works out well, too.

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  1. Hey Buddy,
    How`s it going?
    It`s good to hear your all fine up there.
    Drop me a line or two when u have time.

    We all miss you!


    Good look with that job in Whistler!!!!!!

  2. > Basti yeah I been good man. i got a place to live in whistler but havent found a job yet. damn life aint easy eh? wish me luck!!