Drunk in public



Last night(Sat) there was a snowboard slopstyle competition here in Whistler so me and my roomies went to see it. There're bunch of people even on the hill. The course didn't have many sections, you could choose a huge kicker or a double, then stairs or handrails then a spine. The boarders aired really huge and I was impressed. After the competition, there's a DJ event right next to the ski lift. It was really cold outside but we danced crazy and soon heated ourselves up. There was another huge DJ event in a hall but I hadn't get over the cold yet so I went home straight.

One of the differences between Japan and Western countries is drinking alchohol in public. There were many police officers at this event and some young kids were busted becuase of drinking in public place. It's totally different from waht we can drink EVERYWHERE in Japan. I do need to keep this in mind or I'll drink outside and get busted. So what do you drink instead of alchohol? There are many kinds of energy drinks such as Redbul, Rockstar and Monster. I wanna try every kind out before I leave here...

Little kids shredding

The audience

Nose grab

maybe backflip


DJ event

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